At S&S we specialise in battery replacement for autos, trucks and heavy equipment. We also offer a wide range of custom services including but not limited to the following:


S & S

Battery Removal and Replacement

Battery Testing and Charging

Battery Upgrades

Electrical System Repair

Generator Repair

DC Motor Repair


S & S

Starter / Alternator Repairs

Air Conditioning Service

Safety Inspections

Complete Fleet Service

Custom AC Hoses

Preventative Maintenance Programs

working-on-equipmentS&S provides all labour and project management for our repair work.  We can even refer you to third party providers when your job requires additional expertise we cannot provide.

We bring all our own tools and machinery to work on your vehicles or equipment. We come equipped with popular parts and accessories, including the ability to manufacture our own hoses.

Personalised Service from S&S

Count on us  for your  battery replacement. When you come to us you will be treated like a customer not a number. We will check your car, truck or tractor and give you the right advice of your battery needs. When you car is being checked you will be offered a complimentary tea or coffee and relax in our customer lounge area.

While you are enjoying your beverage we will be taking care of your car, the process isn’t as straight forward as it used to be, as most cars, trucks and tractors these day have at least one on-board computer, we will install a memory minder to retain the information in your vehicle onboard computers, electronics, radio and clock. It saves you any inconvenience when you return to your car and save you searching for your favourite radio station when you get back into your vehicle.

We will fit your new battery and get you on your way as soon as possible.