At S&S we specialise in battery replacement for autos, trucks and heavy equipment. We offer a wide range of custom services including but not limited to the following:

When choosing a battery it is important you invest in a product that has been designed and manufactured to combat the causes of battery failure and withstand the abuse of Australia’s extreme climate and harsh driving conditions. The extreme climate, rough roads and tough driving conditions attack the critical components of a battery which over time can lead to premature failure.

Batteries available in the Australian market place are not created equal when it comes to addressing the causes of battery failure. Many imported or inferior quality batteries focus on delivering higher starting power (CCA’s) at the expense of more critical design factors.

We stock batteries to suit all types of Cars, Trucks, and Machines. We stock the heavy Equipment and Ultra High Performance range as we find that most of our customers want the heavy duty battery for their vehicle.


More about batteries.

Batteries will come in 2 main styles:  1) maintenance free  2) serviceable type with cell caps (preferred by service technicians).

Most small cars will need at least a 9-plate/cell battery; the normal duty batteries are 7 plate/cell. This will give you more capacity and longer life as the battery will not be working as hard and can deliver more power when needed. A typical battery for a small car should have a CCA of about 325-355.

Most medium sized cars will need an 11 plate /cell battery for the same reasons in this case the normal duty battery is a 9 plate /cell battery. Typical CCA 470-530.

Light truck and 4wd vehicles will require a bigger battery as they have bigger engine, bigger engine equals bigger starter motors, which require more current to get them to start efficiently. Therefore we opt for the 15 plate /cell batteries like the N70ZZH, H for heavy duty. Typical CCA 660-710.   Then we get into the equipment range, which can have batteries that will deliver as much as 1200 CCA.

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Common battery failure reasons include these most  popular trouble spots

  •     Loss of Electrolyte ( Fluid in the battery) – occurs in a battery as a result of gassing under normal conditions. gassing and resulting water loss rates significantly increase with temperature and as a result choosing a battery that can be maintained by topping up water levels is important as this can extend battery life.
  •     Corrosion – In hot under bonnet temperatures, such as those experienced throughout the year in Australia , battery acid becomes increasingly corrosive. At hotter temperatures the acid in a battery will eat away faster at critical metal alloys (plates) within the battery.
  •     Vibration – On rough, uneven roads or unsealed tracks vibration damage can contribute to early batter failure. Vibration causes damage to a battery’s internal components, contributing to the development of cracks within materials and accelerating corrosion rates.


Personalised Service from S&S

Why S & S Auto Electrical  for your  replacement battery?  when you come to us you will be treated like a customer not a number,  we will check your car, truck or tractor and give you the right advice of your battery needs.

When you car is being checked by one of our team of tradesman, you will be offered a complimentary tea or coffee and relax in our customer lounge area.

While you are enjoying your beverage we will be taking care of your car, the process isn’t as straight forward as it used to be, as most cars, trucks and tractors these day have at least one onboard computer, we will install a memory minder to retain the memories in your vehicles onboard computers, various electronics, radio and clock, it saves you any
inconvienence when you return to your car and save you searching for your favourite radio station when you get back into your vehicle.

We will fit your new battery and get you on your way as soon as possible.

S&S provides all labour and project management for our repair work.

We bring all our own tools and machinery to work on your vehicles or equipment.