S&S Auto Electrical
Expert Battery Service

S&S can quickly determine which battery is right for your vehicle or equipment and make a replacement as efficiently as possible.

S&S Vehicle Electrical System Testing

Today’s vehicles and heavy equipment have complex electrical systems and we have the experience to diagnose problems and fix them.

S&S: Always Ready

Our fleet of trucks is on stand-by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to respond  to all of your auto and heavy equipment battery needs in the field.

Certified Battery & Electrical Service

We’ll install your new battery right! Our technicians are trained in all aspects of vehicle and equipment electrical systems.

Call 02-9725-3833 and We’re On Our Way

Located just west of Sydney, S&S repairmen are a fast drive to where-ever your job site is.  When time is money, S&S mimimises your down time.


Your local expert for auto, truck and heavy equipment
batteries of all kinds throughout the Sydney-NSW region.

S&S Battery Replacement Service

At S & S Auto Electrical we have a large range of batteries, to suit your car, truck or tractor. We check your vehicles electrical system and make sure that your alternator is charging before we fit a new battery. We give the right advice first time and get you back on the road.

No matter what you drive a Car, Truck or Tractor we will have a battery, or batteries, to suit you vehicle, and if needed we can come to you, if you have broken down and can’t get your vehicle started simply call us and we can arrange for one of our specialised team members to come out to you and get you going.

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Wide Range Of Batteries

There are thousands of vehicles and pieces of equipment in use.  We stock the most popular battery styles and  power outputs.  For those of you with special battery needs we are the best resource for special orders.  We have access to manufacturers throughout the world.

Service and Installation

S&S will install your battery in our shop or in the field and we’ll and make sure it’s working properly.  Our battery experts have years of experience working on vehicle electrical systems.  We can determine if your auto, truck or heavy equipment has an electrical issue or if you can get by with a battery replacement.


Don’t wait for your battery to die when you are in the middle of the project or out on the road.  If your battery is over 3 years old it pays to check in and see how it is performing.  We can provide a very quick check and tell you how it is performing and how much life is left.  No charge for battery testing.